1984 -  Jacqueline and Henri Boiffils created : BOIFFILS Studio
Jacqueline and Henri is an associative couple in private as well as in professional life. In this creative tandem, Henri,  interior architect, is responsible for the art direction and Jacqueline is responsible of the agency’s management. They are now at the head of an international scale agency.

1994 -  Jacqueline and Henri Boiffils were invited to participate in an international competition for the creation of a luxurious shopping mall in Bangkok : Emporium . Winner of the competition, this creation gave a new scale to the workshop, leading them to work at a World wide level.

2004 - Basile Boiffils,  their son, D.P.L.G architect joined BOIFFILS Studio, with the aim of developing an architecture department. After signing the contract of a new resort in Thailand : V Villa,  he decided to move to Bangkok. It gave to the company the opportunity to access to global architectural projects, thus leading them to open an architecture unit presently working on hotels, resorts, mixed use developments, private appartments, luxury residences, department stores and large shopping malls.

The studio has to its assets very diverse projects from small local scale to large international one’s. It’s route is rich and diverse, going from single object to product range design, at the head of the artistic branch of luxury brands, from the concept creation of urban projects to hotel and shopping mall architectural concepts. They deal with markets where profitability and budget restraints are to be considered without ever compromising their aesthetical convictions. The Boiffils are personnally very involved in all the different project phases : programing, creation, technical development and implementation.

The BOIFFILS Studio’s has contibuted to enhanse the brands image and brand territories without betraying them. Thus for l’Oréal group ( Biotherm, Lancôme), they created a new visual and architectural identity applied to their point of sales around the world.

Among their most successful projects, BOIFFILS Studio signed in Bangkok one of Asia’s biggest shopping mall: Siam Paragon (500,000 sq.m) where they have designed architecture and interior desing. It is throughout the study of this shopping mall that they have expressed the whole of their skills which has animated this group for over 30 years : program-ming, master planning, architecture, interior design, furniture design, selecting exterior subcontrators for landscaping and lighting, consultants for special events.

Now, BOIFFILS Studio has extended their expertise area in diverse architectural segments as :
-    Mixed use projects
-    Hotels
-    Shopping malls
-    Luxury residentials

BOIFFILS Studio pursue a philosophy of coherent research, they do not sale nor claim an «inhouse style». Every project is subjected to a specific process and a particular analysis which always lead to unique aesthetical solutions in which the creativity is recognized. Their work is often the object of publications.



BOIFFILS Studio is amongst the finest professional firms with a worldwide fame both in architecture and interior design.

The Studio articulates its strength around a hard creative central core who intervenes in brain storming on all great projects.

The diversity of their multi-cultural team (China, Corea, Venezuela, Italy, USA, Thai-land, France) and their multi-disciplinarity (architects, interior designors and designers) allows BOIFFILS Studio to compete on high scale projects such as «Siam Paragon»  Thaïland (commercial architecture and 2 international awards) ,  «The River» Bangkok,  or Radia in Malaysia …  
Their constant concern for the control of creation leeds the Studio to collaborate with privileged partners in the field of:

-    illumination engineering
-    graphics
-    landscaping
-    marketing

BOIFFILS Studio's success in commercial architectural projects such as urban projects,  boutiques,  shopping malls centers,  hotels lies in their creed :

-    Selecting and reaching the best of each team at the right time and giving the necessary guidance according to the project for a very personal work on a brand, a label or an institution
-    Providing the innovative techniques for a perfect and permanent adaptation to the market
-    Becoming aware ofthe ecological stakes
-    Having the capacity of materializing the image of each client and revealing their personal identity by emphasizing their business cultureand working very closely with the marketing teams
-    Emphasing the recognition of the brand through applied art.

BOIFFILS Studio developed its international presence for the past 25 years and has proved a real knowledge of the Asian market with successful experiences and remarkable realisations.
The quality of Boiffils’ team involvement both in conceptual and marketing consultancy with pretigious luxury brands (Chanel, LVMH, Lacroix, Hermes) has developed privileged links creating a magnetic power of attraction for the upcoming implementations of these brands.
The diversity of the design and administrative team combined to all modern means of communication facilitates the fluidity of an easy dialogue in many languages.